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Japanese researchers have invented an ultra-small artificial firefly. What’s more interesting is that it can levitate above a flat surface using ultrasonic waves. The Japanese researchers named it “Luciola”. Luciola weighs just 16.2 milligrams and emits enough red light to read at night. Luciola has 285 micro-speakers, which are used to emit ultrasonic waves that make it levitate. This sound wave is inaudible to the human ear, so Luciola is very quiet.

Artificial firefly can levitate

In an interview with Reuters, circuit design expert Makoto Takamiya said researchers at Japan’s Kawara University Information Network Project spent two years developing the device. This new invention could be useful in many places in the future. Although it seems a bit weird, Luciola may actually play a role in areas such as mapping and Internet of Things technology.

Makoto Takamiya told Reuters: “Ultimately my goal is for this small device to have the same capabilities as a smartphone, so that it can play an important role in our daily lives and make people’s lives smarter.”

As long as the research team is given more time, Luciola will have more capabilities in the future. The team hopes to bring this ultra-small device to the market within the next 5-10 years.

I hope Makoto Takamiya’s vision can be realized, let Luciola enter our lives, increase the functions of existing equipment, and let technology continue to enter people’s daily lives.

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