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Archaeologists recently unearthed the fossils of a new Titanosaur. It is about 37 meters tall and lived about 102 million years ago. It is the largest animal on earth.

Argentina discovers largest animal on earth

Titanosaurs are herbivorous dinosaurs. They are considered to be the largest animals that have ever lived on earth, weighing up to 70 tons, equivalent to 14 African elephants. Compared to the easily identifiable Diplodocus, Titanosaurus was 36 feet longer. To put it more vividly, the length of Titanosaurus is equivalent to four double-decker buses connected together.

A shepherd found one end of a huge fossil protruding from the rock on his farm in Lavreca, in the Chubut province of Argentina. After learning the news, archaeologists from the Egidio Feruglio Museum of Paleontology in Trelew, Argentina organized a team and went to the place where the fossils were found.

The first bone they found was a thigh bone about 2.4 meters long – the largest bone ever found. By the end of the excavation, they had found more than 220 bones, as well as 80 teeth. Titanosaurs are extremely rare, so this discovery is of special significance, not only because of the sheer number of bones found, but also because of the excellent condition they were found in.

These fossils come from seven dinosaurs, all of which belong to a type of titanosaur. Currently, this species does not have a specific name. The official name of the species will be announced after the research paper is published.

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