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According to the British “Daily Mail” report, there are still isolated tribe in the Amazon jungle. They are considered to be the Yanomami.

An isolated tribe in the Amazon

The drone was close to the place where these primitive natives lived, and they also discovered the drone. There are approximately 22,000 Yanomami living in similar tribal forms on the border between Brazil and Venezuela, at least three of which still have no contact with the outside world. They were highly susceptible to diseases brought by outsiders, so these tribes could only continue to thrive if their lands were protected.

But they now face the threat posed by 5,000 illegal gold miners, who may spread diseases such as malaria, and the mercury that comes with it will contaminate the locals’ water and food, leading to a serious health crisis. In addition, ranchers are also invading the survival territories of tribal people.

“The places where these isolated Indians live, fish, hunt and farm must be protected,” said Yanomami shaman and activist Davi Kopenawa. “The world should know about it. There is such a group of people living in this tropical rain forest, and their right to survive here should be respected.” The living environment of the indigenous residents is very simple. Barely enough to keep out a little rain.

Although the Brazilian state is required to protect Yanomami territory, financial problems make it difficult to ensure the smooth progress of the operation. Without financial support, Yanomami conservation groups are unable to fight off invaders and may even be forced to cease their activities.

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