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According to a report on the World Magazine website, researchers have stated that aliens may use gravitational waves to communicate. Small changes in interferometer parameters may indicate that the earth is not alone and that there may be other highly intelligent life forms in the world.

Aliens may use gravitational waves to communicate

A team of physicists suggests that with minor technical adjustments, the European Space Agency’s Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA), scheduled to be launched in 2034, can serve as an explorer for signals sent by advanced alien civilizations.

LISA includes three world spacecraft, arranged in a triangular structure, 2.5 million kilometers apart from each other. Scientists plan it to be a huge trajectory gravitational wave detector. The leader of the study, Marek Abramowicz of the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, said that small changes in the operating procedures of the LISA detector can play a role in discovering that there is at least one advanced technological civilization somewhere in the galaxy. crucial effect.

Now this latest research is published on the arXiv website, which is based on an important hypothesis-a second guess about aliens. Abramovich and his colleagues showed that life on Earth, especially humans, was produced by “a rare combination of phenomena.” Similar constraints will inevitably restrict the emergence of other profound civilization technologies.

They chose the Drake equation for explanation. It is reported that the Drake equation was designed in 1961. It is used by scientists to evaluate the number of alien civilizations communicating in the world. They speculate that there may be extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way. If this is the case, there are civilizations in the world that are more advanced than humans on Earth.

Perhaps a certain extraterrestrial civilization has mastered advanced technology a long time ago, and they have mastered a certain level of astrophysics knowledge. They may have been exploring the core of the world – the black hole, which is located in the center of the galaxy.

Of course, both black holes and neutron stars are closely related to the generation of gravitational waves. The Sagittarius A* black hole is a large black hole in the center of the Milky Way. According to the definition, the black hole is the center of the local star area. Any advanced alien civilization in this area will eventually pay attention to it.

Therefore, researchers believe that the proximity of the Sagittarius A* black hole, which is the black hole’s innermost stationary circular orbit (ISCO), and the hypothesis of extraterrestrial life, will realize that this is a “perfect beacon” for transmitting information to other areas of the galaxy. ”

Scientists speculate that similar devices could use gravitational waves to send messages, because once launched, the signals travel through space almost undisturbed. The phenomenon of gravitational waves is ubiquitous in the world, and we have enough technology to directly detect gravitational waves.

In a sense, this equipment is equivalent to the LISA detector. Its huge size means that it can detect gravitational waves anywhere in the world and in any direction. It will not be limited to monitoring a certain area of the world.

Scientists named the putative alien spacecraft “Messenger” and stated that the gravitational waves released must be “artificial” in order to prove the existence of aliens.

They point out that in order to be recognized, gravitational wave beams must emit obvious unnatural signals, such as gravitational waves that are continuously emitted at a stable frequency. Of course, it is very dangerous to place anything near a black hole that can swallow everything. Abramovich and his colleagues believe that aliens have a certain level of technological capabilities. In fact, they believe that sending gravitational wave signals may be just a non-essential function of the spacecraft detector.

If an advanced alien civilization can build a device to study the large black hole in the center of the galaxy, or extract energy from it, or even reveal the secrets of the unpredictable and deep world that cannot be reached by human thinking, the device can also serve as a “messenger” to the galaxy. Send messages to other potentially intelligent civilizations.

Of course, the “messenger” must be a very robust communication device, otherwise it will be sucked directly into the black hole. Abramovich explained that in order to generate a very strong gravitational wave signal, the object orbiting the Sagittarius A* black hole must have a mass of a geographical level. Its mass cannot be too small, nor can it be too far away from the Sagittarius A* black hole. Because the distance is too far, the gravitational wave vibration cap cannot be detected. At the same time, it cannot be too large, and aliens cannot provide large energy to maintain it. Long time operation.

In the end, the researchers showed the calculation results and concluded that the size and mass of the “messenger” should be similar to Jupiter. In this way, enough fuel can be carried to correct the inward gravity of the black hole for billions of years. Effect.

But this assumption itself sows the seeds of despair for scientists. They point out that no one knows how long a technologically advanced alien civilization can exist. It is likely that they will not last for billions of years.

Therefore, millions of dollars are spent to recalibrate the LISA detector so that it can quickly detect the hypothetical gravitational wave signal, and perhaps humans can discover some surprising discoveries in the future. Researchers say we think the “Messenger” probe created by aliens may exist longer than their civilization. If we find the gravitational wave signal discussed at the time, it is likely to come from an extraterrestrial civilization that has quietly disappeared.

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