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According to the British “Daily Mail” report, Alaina Gassler is from Pennsylvania in the United States. At the Broadcom Masters Competition of the Society for Science and Public Science, her innovative project was eye-catching. This project is dedicated to eliminating blind spots in cars.

Alaina Gassler solved the problem of blind spots in cars

According to Gasler, the prototype system used to complete the project includes a projector, webcam and 3D printing materials. “My solution is to install a camera on the A-pillar of the car to monitor the scene outside. At the same time, the camera can send the video to the projector in the car, and the projector can project the image onto the pillar. This way, in reality The A-pillar displays real-time video and no longer blocks the line of sight.” Gasler also called his project “to achieve the effect of eliminating blind spots without eliminating blind spots.”

There are not a few car accidents caused by blind spots in the field of vision. This is why safety features such as blind spot assist detection and panoramic cameras have become increasingly popular in new cars in recent years. Inspired by this, a 14-year-old girl from West Grove, Pennsylvania, USA, Alaina Gassler, transformed the A-pillar on the passenger side of an ordinary car to successfully display the blocked external environment information, eliminating blind spots and improving driving safety.

The tools used by Gassler include projectors, 3D printing materials, cameras, etc. In the first few versions produced, the displayed content would be blurry and confusing to the driver and co-pilot passengers. By replacing the reflective fabric material, the problem was successfully solved.

The project has received a $25,000 grant from the Samueli Foundation.

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