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According to a report on the British “Times” website, a little bird on the western Alaskan tundra that had just escaped the protection of its parents flew straight from one end of the world to the other, breaking the bird flight record.

A little bird breaks the bird flight record

However, without the latest ultra-light satellite tracking technology, few would have known that the 5-month-old bird landed near a sleepy fishing village in northeastern Tasmania, Australia, at midnight on Tuesday. This young bar-tailed godwit is named 234684 in the satellite tracking system.

While earlier trackers could only be used to track large birds, the latest solar-powered trackers, which weigh as little as a page of paper, allow scientists to monitor the vast journeys of smaller birds in real time. Monitoring reports showed that the little bird flew non-stop for 11 days and 1 hour, covering a distance of 8,425 miles, breaking the record for non-stop flight by birds. Even during the difficult flight across the Pacific Ocean, it did not stop to rest.

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