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A 340-centimeter-long giant squid appeared in a river in Hamada City, Japan. Because it usually appears in deep sea waters, it made people panic. The witness revealed that at first she thought it was a big fish, but she did not expect it to be a giant squid. She was frightened on the spot.

A 3.4-meter giant squid appears on a river in Japan

A woman was driving by the Hamada River in Shimane Prefecture when she spotted an unknown object on the bank. She initially thought it was a big fish, so she got out of the car to check, but she didn’t expect it to be a large squid, and it was already dead.

Because this situation was quite abnormal, the woman quickly reported it to the relevant authorities. Local fish experts said that the squid was about 340 centimeters long and weighed 135 kilograms.

This kind of king squid is generally found in sea areas with a depth of 600 to 1,000 meters. Now it appears in rivers. It is speculated that it drifts with the current and floats into the river from the sea mouth when the tide rises.

In fact, since September 2014, three king squids have been discovered in Japan, so they are not too rare. The relevant departments have contacted the aquarium and requested that they be made into specimens for public viewing in the future. They also appealed to the public not to be too cautious. panic.

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