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Recently, a 7th-century Buddhist stele was unearthed during the ongoing sewer construction at the Palace Square in Patan City in the southern Kathmandu Valley of Nepal.

7th-century Buddhist stele discovered in Nepal

The stele unearthed this time contains 15 lines of inscriptions. Local ancient literature expert Rajbanshi is currently studying the inscriptions on the stele. He said that based on the current interpretation of part of the content, this stele proves that there was a building named Vihara here. The Buddhist temple in Vihara was built by a king named Brish Dev of the Lichavi dynasty and dates back to about 613 AD. The early history of Nepal is relatively vague. One theory is that the Lichavi dynasty existed from about the 4th century to the 9th century AD.

It is reported that this is the second stone tablet unearthed in Patan Palace Square due to the reconstruction of the sewer system since 2021. The first stone tablet can be traced back to the early Middle Ages.

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