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McDonald’s has always been by the side of netizens and has become an inseparable relationship. It is also the first choice for fast food. Although the menu will be updated from time to time, the general content is completely different, so “masters among the people” have produced many Hidden version of eating! Come and see which ones you have tried?

7 hidden ways to eat at McDonald’s

The first type [ketchup + sugar]

After buying the hamburger set, my friend asked for a sugar bag. When he wanted to ask, someone mixed the whole bag of sugar with the whole bag of ketchup, and then the friend skillfully took it. The French fries were “dipped” to eat, and the editor also took a bite under the “treat”. The taste was really good!

The second type [ice cream cone + French fries]

My friend ordered an ice cream cone and fries one day. After sitting down, the ice cream was reduced to a dipping sauce for fries. (Ice cream: Why should I Be a supporting role!!) In addition, ice cream is basically versatile, and some people also mix apple pie and chicken nuggets in this way. If you have a strong stomach, you can try it!

The third method [Grilled Chicken Leg Burger + Sweet and Sour Sauce]

Netizens who are a bit familiar with Grilled Chicken Leg Burger probably know that the sauce used in the burger itself is on the sweet side, but this method provided by netizens, I think it is because they love sweet and sour sauce too much. This tastes great! Has anyone tried it? Is it tasty?

The fourth type [Double-Decker Beef Cheeseburger + McFly]

is still about ice cream. Netizens claimed that the beef burger must be coated with a sinful layer of Ice Cream to make it taste… .I think it was used as mayonnaise? But Mai Xuanfeng is worth a lot, so don’t mess with her!

The fifth type [Pork Manfu Burger + Sugar]

This… It is said that the burger should be disassembled and a layer of sugar should be applied on the filling instead of the outside of the bun. This way the taste is called blending. I feel like this taste A little weird!

The sixth type [Sprite + Cream Ball]

Everyone has drunk Sprite. In fact, it is a bit boring after drinking it for a long time. Netizens said that as long as cream balls are added to it, it will taste very delicious! (This is amazing). It is said that drinking it It will taste like fresh milk tea!

The seventh type [Coke + lemon black tea]

seems to be the idea of ​​having endless drinks and not wanting to waste it!

It seems that I have acquired some great skills. I can try this innovation in the future when I have endless drinks. Maybe I will encounter unexpected results! !

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