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Recently, a new study found that about 5,200 tons of alien dust fall to the Earth every year. About 80% of the alien dust may come from comets, and the rest come from asteroids.

5000 tons of alien dust fall to Earth every year

Every year, much of the dust from comets and asteroids passes through the Earth’s atmosphere and forms meteors, and some of this dust reaches the ground as micrometeorites.

According to reports, the scientific research team collected enough extraterrestrial particles through multiple expeditions, with sizes ranging from 30 to 200 microns, and estimated the “global annual flow” of these particles: the total mass of micrometeorites arriving on the Earth’s surface every year About 5200 tons. This dust is the main extraterrestrial material input to the earth, and its total amount far exceeds that of large-volume meteorites, which average less than 10 tons per year.

The findings will help better understand the role interplanetary dust played in supplying water and carbon molecules to the young Earth.

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