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Oolong Police Station” written by akimotoji announced that this national comedy comic that has been serialized for 40 years will come to an end. Author akimotoji announced when attending the 40th anniversary ceremony of the serialization that the magazine will publish the final chapter of “Oolong Police Station”, and the 200th volume released on the same day will also be its final volume.

40 Years of Comics "Oolong Police Station"

“Oolong Police Station” is the most serialized shounen manga in Shueisha’s “Weekly Shonen Jump”, with a total circulation of more than 150 million single volumes.

The story of “Oolong Police Station” takes place in the “Katsushika-ku Kameari Park-mae Police Station”, which is affiliated to Katsushika Police Station in Tokyo. It was originally just an ordinary small police station, but since about 20 years ago, a world-famous police station After the unparalleled police officer Ryotsu Kankichi, a super troublemaker and joke maker, was assigned here, Kameari, a small place, was filled with all kinds of things 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, because of his existence. Countless troubles occurred.

Akimotoji revealed that he had previously considered ending the series at this time, and finally decided to let the protagonist Kankichi Ryozu offload his duties. Author Akimotoji said: “It is a happy thing for a writer to be able to serialize for 40 years. I actually want to keep drawing. But this time it is not over completely. I may still go to JUMP occasionally. In the future The plan has not yet been determined, and I am also contemplating the next work. And 2016 has already reached the 200th volume. I think it is best to finish it at this time.”

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