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Scientists announced the discovery of a 220-million-year-old dinosaur cemetery in western Argentina, containing the fossils of at least 10 dinosaurs.

220 million-year-old dinosaur cemetery discovered

On April 10, local time, the Institute of Natural Sciences and Museum of Natural Sciences of the University of San Juan (IMCN) released photos of fossils from 220 million years ago in Ischigualasto National Park in San Juan Provis, Argentina.

The “cemetery” is located in San Juan, 1,100 kilometers west of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. The fossils were unearthed in September last year.

Argentinian paleontologist Ricardo Martinez said that the fossils of about 10 dinosaurs were excavated here with almost no sediment, which is very impressive.
Martinez said that these fossils are nearly 220 million years old. Since they belong to a period that is poorly understood by humans, their importance is further enhanced.
Since the diameter and depth of the site where the dinosaur fossils were found was about one or two meters, scientists speculated that it might be a water source. During the period of major drought, the dinosaurs might have died collectively due to hunger and thirst while searching for water sources.

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