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A 59-year-old British man discovered a pair of 200-year-old gold dentures underground. The trays on dentures are made of gold.

200-year-old gold dentures

He initially thought it was a sheep’s tooth, but after cleaning it, he found that it was actually in the shape of a human tooth, with a gold dental tray on it.

The lower part of the tooth still remains white, and the letters “WSF” and “N435” engraved on the gold tray are still clearly visible.

Experts have determined that this set of dentures may have been made from hippopotamus or walrus teeth. Together with the gold dental trays, such a set of dentures was worth 200-300 pounds at the time. At that time, this amount of money was enough to buy half a village.

It is reported that this pair of dentures will be auctioned on November 25 and is expected to fetch 3,000 to 7,000 pounds.

According to British law, the proceeds from the auction of this pair of dentures will be divided into three parts. Half will go to the landowner where the dentures were found, with the man receiving a quarter and his metal detecting partner receiving the other quarter.

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