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Everyone has a dream of treasure hunting. Just imagine how exciting it would be to accidentally stumble upon a treasure box in the woods. Many people in the world spend all their life savings in order to find treasures. Treasures are all around us, let’s go find 10 treasures that shocked the world!

10 treasures that shocked the world

Arkham Finn Treasures

Forrest Finn was born in Texas. After becoming a pilot in the 1960s, he often flew to Pompeii to search for cultural relics, and the results were rich. In the 1980s, Finn was diagnosed with kidney cancer and would soon pass away. But Finn still had huge wealth, so Finn hid his property and gave people some clues to find. It is estimated that his properties include gold and silver treasures and precious cultural relics worth 10,000 to 30,000 US dollars.

Treasure hidden in Little Bighorn

For many Americans in the late 19th century, traveling west in search of gold to make a fortune seemed no longer a myth. Some even drive all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Yet a few people discovered gold in Montana. When people discovered that there was a lot of gold in the central United States, more people rushed there.

According to some experts, Captain Marsh of Grant was responsible for providing supplies to George Custer who was fighting the Indians. When Captain Marsh heard that General Custer was defeated, he took the wounded soldiers on board, but In order to carry more wounded men, he buried $375,000 worth of gold bars on the ship on the bank of the Bighorn River.

Treasures in the Mojave Desert

It may sound crazy that an ocean-going ship sank 100 miles inland off the coast of the Pacific Ocean in the Mojave Desert. But if this were true, there would be millions of dollars worth of Salton Lake pearls out there.

Moss treasure

Confederate commander John Singleton Moss left with his secretary and $350,000 worth of gold and silver treasure after attacking Culpeper in the south. But it was inconvenient to carry a large amount of treasure, so Moss ordered the treasure to be buried between two large pine trees. Later, after the battle, I came back to look for it, but couldn’t find it.

$630,000 hidden in Bedford County, Virginia

According to legend, in 1816, a man named Thomas Beale discovered a large gold and silver treasure while mining in the Rocky Mountains, which today is worth approximately $630,000. Bill was afraid that the treasure would be robbed after his death, so Bill set up three passwords, which described the specific location of the treasure, the contents of the treasure, and his name and relatives. Bill then entrusted the password to a Virginia storekeeper for safekeeping.

The Treasures of Jean Lafitte

Jean Lafitte and his brother Pierre were pirates. They accumulated a lot of wealth during their pirate career, and the large amount of jewelry was not easy to carry, so they had to bury some of the jewelry. After Jean Lafitte’s death, it was rumored that his treasure was in Louisiana.

Sharpshooter’s $20,000 Treasure

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were a very rampant Western gangster. He robbed many people while traveling. They also had an illegal organization called the Thirteen Taibos. They committed many crimes and robbed countless amounts of money. Cassidy and the Thirteeners buried $20,000 in Irish Canyon, in northwest Moffat County, Colorado, USA.

John Dillinger’s Underground Treasures

Dillinger engaged in illegal trade and gained a lot of wealth. He was hunted down by the Outlaw FBI in April 1934. After escaping from the inn, he buried a suitcase containing $200,000 in the north part of the inn.

Just two months later, Dillinger was shot to death in Chicago, and there was no chance that the buried money would be recovered.

$200 million off the coast of Key West

In 1622, the Spanish galleon Nastrase-Atto encountered a hurricane while passing by the coast of Key West. Many ships died in the hurricane. These ships carried a large amount of gold and gems, and now they are all sinking to the bottom of the sea, worth approximately US$200 million.

Treasures of San Miguel

In 1712, San Miguel was home to one of the richest treasure fleets in Spain. When they planned to leave Cuba in 1715, they encountered a hurricane at sea. Six days after they set sail, their ship was blown over by the hurricane and all the jewelry sank to the bottom of the sea with the ship. The jewelry was estimated to be 200 million Dollar.

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