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We all know that the Japanese people have been committed to various inventions and creations, and many of the things they invented are eye-catching. At this point, we have to admit that they are really hard-working little bees. 10 super practical artifacts invented by the Japanese, they are really incredible!

10 super practical artifacts invented by the Japanese

1. Window cleaning robot

This kind of window cleaning robot brings convenience and good news to many people living in high-rise buildings. It is reported that the window cleaning robot is divided into two parts: cleaning and navigation. It can automatically measure the size of the window and spray detergent along the wiping path. And, the microfiber pad used to wipe the glass is durable and easy to remove. Built-in magnets ensure the robot won’t fall off the glass window.

2. Foot-warmer

The foot-warmer is a “warming artifact” with a long history in Japan. It is usually a square low table with a quilt on top and a thin mat underneath, with an electric heater installed under the table. People can sit on the mat and extend their legs and feet, or even their whole body, under the table to keep warm. The weather is cold in winter. With it, you no longer have to be afraid of the cold!

3. Automatic bathing machine

Recently, the playful Japanese invented such an automatic bathing machine. From the appearance, it looks like a large bathtub with a cover. When using it, as long as you lie down in it, the machine will automatically apply shower gel, wipe the body and rinse the user, and also apply body lotion after washing. What’s even more worry-free is that this machine can also clean and disinfect the interior on its own. But the machine is an electrical appliance after all, is it safe? Also, doesn’t it feel itchy to have the machine wipe your body and apply it?

4. Lazy bed

In 2014, Japan launched a lazy bed that integrates sleeping, eating, Internet access, storage and other functions. The bed is equipped with a computer desk that can hold snacks, magazines, books, tissues and other miscellaneous items. It even comes with a washing machine and trash can. In theory, you can do almost anything without getting out of bed, except go to the bathroom. OMG, if I could go to the toilet, this bed would be robbed!

5. Hands-free umbrella

When you go shopping on a rainy day, what you worry about most is holding an umbrella in one hand and carrying things in the other. Just carry as little as possible. What if you are walking on the road with both hands full of things and still need to carry an umbrella? Maybe you will say: If you can’t, wear a raincoat, or you’ll get wet! The Japanese have really put a lot of effort into this aspect. As long as a tool is attached to the handle, it can be worn on the head. This frees up the hands, and there is no pressure at all even when carrying things with both hands.

6. Special tissue holder for colds

This seemingly shocking invention allows users to get toilet paper from the nearest place in the shortest possible time. It is especially suitable for people suffering from hay fever or colds! Unfortunately, this product does not come with a garbage collection bag, so you still have to find a place to throw the used toilet paper, which is a small flaw.

7. Glasses that can be read while lying down

These glasses are good news for “lazy stars”. It performs a special vacuum evaporation treatment on one side of the prism, and uses the principle of light refraction to clearly reflect the object into the user’s eyes. With it, you can lie down and read a book or watch TV! The question is how to solve myopia?

8. Wearable chairs

Due to the special nature of their work, doctors need to stand for long periods of time, especially in the operating room, and one stand can last for several hours or even more than ten hours. In order to relieve the fatigue of such professional people, a Japanese company launched a “wearable” chair. It looks somewhat similar to a knee brace. It has two slightly harder brackets to support the legs when standing, and there are also bandages to tie the legs, waist and hips to provide support when sitting down. The editor would like to give a big thumbs up to this invention, which has provided great convenience to many hard-working medical staff.

9. Lazy cup

Most office workers like to drink coffee. How nice it would be to have a cup of hot coffee to relieve fatigue! This USB lazy cup solves this problem very well. It continuously heats up and keeps your mood warm.

10. Lazy lunch box

In Japan, many office workers like to bring lunch boxes, but there is usually only one microwave oven. Many times, you have to wait in a long line to heat your meal. In order to solve this problem, the Japanese invented the lazy lunch box, which can be heated by just plugging it into the computer with USB.

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