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Japan is a big tourist country, and there are many unique and delicious foods here. And do you know what weird foods Japanese people like to eat? Let’s take a look at 10 of Japan’s weirdest and weirdest foods.

10 of Japan’s Weirdest and Bizarre Foods

1. Japanese people love to drink wasabi beer. How they love mustard!

Many people can’t stand mustard, so what does it taste like when coupled with the bitter taste of beer? Please give your opinion from those who have tasted the children’s shoes.

2. Eel eyes look so disgusting, I don’t dare to eat them anyway.

In Japan, “eel rice” can be found in any restaurant, even in Western restaurants. What’s more, there are countless “eel specialty shops” all over Japan, that is, restaurants specializing in eel. There is usually a big word “eel” on the door of these restaurants, and tempting eel rice is displayed in the window. If you are not used to eating eel eyes, you can actually try eel rice, which is still very delicious.

3. Breast milk is sold in boxes. How is it made?

This is a product that makes people “return to childhood” and feel like a baby. It is just sold in a box, which is really difficult to describe. What the editor is curious about is… packaging it in a box and selling it… how is it made? I think it’s more embarrassing when I drink it, drinking breast milk!
The key is, it is said that the source of milk comes from lactating women, but where does so much breast milk come from? It can also be commercialized in batches…

4. Square watermelon

The cubed watermelon looks so interesting, but I don’t know how it tastes and whether it is any different from ordinary watermelon.

5. Wasp biscuits

In Japan in the 1980s, some people who specialized in catching wasps had the custom of eating wasps. Now a biscuit factory in Omachi has made this kind of wasp biscuits, which are said to be very popular among young people.

bite into a wasp, can anyone tell me what it tastes like?

6. Canned bread

I don’t understand why bread is packed in cans. Is it because it has a longer shelf life?

They initially tried using vacuum bags for packaging, but once the finished product was opened, the bread in the bag lost its original fluffiness, which was something they could not compromise on. Later, President Yoshihiko Akimoto thought of using cans, covering the cans with special paper that has moisture absorption capabilities, and then baking the entire can. In this way, the cans and bread can be sterilized at the same time, so that the shelf life can be as long as 37 months.

7. White pepsi

This is a limited edition drink launched in 2008. One theory is that this version of white Pepsi is yogurt-flavored. But when it was launched again in December 2012, it became an orange flavor.

8. Octopus ice cream

The ingredient list of the octopus ice cream includes octopus and soy sauce. The salty and sweet taste must be unforgettable.
Can anyone who has tried it tell me what it tastes like? ? ?

9. Fried turtle shell

Fried turtle shells are a specialty snack found only in certain regions of Japan. The turtle shells can also be fried and eaten!

10. Slimming water

Slimming water, I wonder if people who drink this bottle of water have lost weight.


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