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Sometimes when you climb high and look into the distance, you can see all the mountains and small mountains at a glance, which opens up your horizons and broadens your mind. Now I would like to introduce to you 10 bridges that cannot stand on. It is better to think carefully before trying to visit them. After all, it is easy to be scared!

10 bridges that cannot stand

1. Storseisundbrua on the Atlantic Highway in Norway

Storseisundbrua, known as the “Endless Road”, is located on the west coast of Norway and is the longest of the eight bridges on the Atlantic Highway. The unique complex structure creates an illusion to the eyes. From a certain angle, the driver seems to be flying into the sea, but if you still think it’s not scary, the bridge is often hit by storms, and mile-high waves can hit you. No matter how brave you are, you will turn around and leave~

2. Glass Sky Bridge in Tianmenshan National Forest Park, China

Skywalks themselves are scary, but this one is one of the most terrifying! The “Road of Faith” hangs high on the edge of the Tianmen Mountain cliff, with a length of 60 meters, a width of 1.6 meters, and an altitude of 1,430 meters. Although it is chilling, it still attracts thousands of tourists to visit here, enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the county.

3. Royal Gorge Bridge near Canon City, Colorado, USA

Unlike the previous two, the Royal Gorge Bridge is a suspension bridge. As the tallest bridge in the United States, it hangs 956 meters above the Arkansas River. It is also one of the oldest bridges. Built in 1929, it was built in a record-breaking time of just six months and became a major attraction at the Colorado theme park. The bridge is paved with Oregon fir. When vehicles pass by, it will feel bumpy and swaying from side to side.

4. Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia

If you want to experience walking on the clouds, this is the right bridge for you! This amazing bridge is 210 meters long and 660 meters above sea level. The pointed tower spits out eight cables. Surrounded by mountains and forests, it supports the entire structure. The numerous triangles formed by the cables happen to separate it from the public. Different natural scenery.

5. Capilano Suspension Bridge in Canada

Located on the Capilano River in Vancouver, Canada, this bridge is the protagonist of the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. It is 70 meters high and 140 meters long. The lush greenery of the rainforest on the west bank and the tranquil flow of the river attract tourists. Walked on foot.

6. Trift Bridge in Switzerland

If you want to enjoy the fairy-tale scenery of the Alps, this 100-meter-high and 170-meter-long pedestrian suspension bridge may be a good choice for you. The uncanny workmanship of Triftsee Lake and Trift Glacier brings the noise of the crowd to this peaceful land. Although the suspension bridge itself is very stable, the thin ropes and thin wooden boards still make people sweat a few times.

7. China Sidu River Bridge

If there were a bridge-building competition, China would be at the top, and the Sidu River Bridge proves this idea. This jaw-dropping bridge spans the Sidu River with a length of 1,222 meters and a height of 550 meters. It is composed of H-shaped piers and is currently the tallest bridge of its kind.

8. Mount Titlis Suspension Bridge in Switzerland

The Alps are really a “bridge” mountain. This glass suspension bridge, which is like walking on thin ice, was only opened to the public in 2009. It is 500 meters above the ground, stretches for 320 meters, but is only 3 meters wide. Known as “the scariest bridge in the world,” the Titlis Suspension Bridge shines white among the glaciers.

9. Millau Viaduct, France

The Millau Bridge is the tallest bridge in the world. The tallest mast is 343 meters. The mountains, rivers and villages are picturesque in front of it. It was designed by the British architect Baron Norman Foster, and former French President Jack Chirac will It’s called “The Miracle of Balance.”

10. Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan

The bridge, which feels like the vehicle will slide off in the next second, is like a terrifying roller coaster design. It spans Lake Nakaumi and connects both sides. The tilted bridge body does not conform to visual logic. It was originally designed to allow fishing boats to pass safely underneath, although the climb looks quite dangerous, there is always a sense of pleasure in climbing the mountain with a car~

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