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Everyone hopes that they or their children will have a specialty, and in addition to painting and dancing, they may also want to learn an instrument, so that they can have better opportunities to show themselves on many occasions. So which instrument is the easiest to learn? Now shareknowledge will introduce you to the Top 10 easiest instruments to learn, let’s learn about them together.

Top 10 easiest instruments to learn

1. Hulusi

As an orchestral instrument, it is often placed on the roadside, and as long as you buy it, you will be taught how to play it, so it seems to be really easy to learn.

2. Guitar

Singing love songs while holding the guitar is really a bonus. The position of each syllable is easier to remember, and the chords can be paired with many songs.

3. Ukulele

It is like the child of the guitar. It has fewer and softer strings than the guitar. As long as you remember a few basic fingering methods, you can get started immediately.

4. Guzheng

The guzheng also evolved from the guqin, and its tone is very crisp and beautiful, and it is easier to master plucking and rubbing the strings.

5. Pipa

When we think of the pipa, we all think of a gentle lady. Its range is relatively wide, and the way it is played can make it easier for him to accept.

6. Harmonica

The harmonica is also relatively simple and easy to carry, and can be played in conjunction with a variety of instruments. As long as you master the preliminary skills and practice on your own, you will be able to play your own tune in no time.

7. Drum set

The drum set may require you to have a good sense of music. Beating according to the rhythm also has a certain effect on the coordination of the body, and it also looks very cool.

8. Erhu

The sound of the erhu is very unique, like a high-pitched person humming. Moreover, the scales are arranged more reasonably according to the order of the fingers, and a certain amount of perseverance and patience are required.

9. Xun

This is a wind instrument that has been passed down from ancient China to this day. It is made of clay. The round shape is very cute, and the sound is also very antique.

10. Flute

The flute is thin, easy to carry, and has clear scale sound holes. As long as you memorize and practice more, you can master it.

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